What is a Tax-Focused Advisor?

Clients typically know little about their taxes, you ritually hand over your paperwork each year to your accountant, and then later accept, without question, the accountant’s narrow, conservative, software-driven tax filing.

Result: You often pay higher taxes than necessary because no one has engaged them in forward-looking tax planning.

A Tax-Focused Advisor delivers their clients proactive tax planning strategies—both while they work, and throughout their retirement—they can help you avoid costly mistakes and minimize tax surprises.

Why should you work with a Tax-Focused Advisor?

  • Other professionals are not helping you. Tax preparation is an important and sometimes complicated process. But the professionals doing it are not involved in your lives, helping you save money.
  • We have the holistic view. We are financial professionals who has a comprehensive, holistic view of your lives – not the CPA or insurance salesman. We know what you need to think about today, next year, and in 10 years when it comes to taxes.
  • Tax planning is ongoing. Tax filing is a once-a-year event, but tax planning is an ongoing process that allows us to continually dialogue about tax liabilities and life changes.
  • You will lose money when you have no tax plan. CPAs are busy making sure that tax forms are filed properly. They are not checking to make sure that all available deductions are claimed or that gains, and losses are accounted for in the most tax-advantaged manner. The complexity of the tax code leads to a lot of opportunities slipping through the cracks.
  • Taxes are intertwined with all other aspects of financial planning. It borders on irresponsible to have a financial plan that does not account for tax planning. Decisions about when to sell investments, how to take distributions from retirement accounts, when to claim Social Security, and which investments are best in which types of accounts all involve both income tax and investment expertise.

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