I’m confident this book is going to change the way you think – and change the way you approach your future in retirement.

We live in a world that increasingly enables us to make quick, short-term decisions. Is there an accident on the highway? Use your phone to reroute your way home. Need a new rug for your home? It can likely be delivered in two days – or less.

But when it comes to your retirement savings, we believe it is critical we take a long-range approach. After all, retirement is a long game. We all hope for a long and happy retirement, and that means the decisions we make have to support success for many years.

However, as we meet with savers like you, we often find their retirement approaches are not optimized for long-term success in all the areas they should be. This means many savers may have an incomplete approach for the future.

That’s why we believe the topics covered in this book are so important. Once you’ve read it, you’ll be better prepared to evaluate your current retirement approach – and make adjustments where necessary. I’m excited for you to learn:

  • How market performance, interest rates, and even the growth pattern of your funds can make the difference between a fully-funded retirement and a shortfall;
  • Why taxes may be the biggest, least understood retirement income risk you face – and how to evaluate your exposure;
  • How to determine the amount of risk you’re willing to take when it comes to your retirement income – and how to align your approach with your comfort level.

I’ll make a bold prediction: In reading this book, you’ll be able to identify new areas that require a long-term strategy in retirement. And that knowledge will help you better prepare for the risks and opportunities retirement may bring.

So dive right in, and prepare to change your thinking, your actions, and most of all, the decisions you make about your future. Here’s to developing a more complete, holistic approach to retirement.

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