We will be offering different seminars throughout the year all of them different and informative. We will be covering everything from retirement planning to taxes and everything in between.

Below is a partial listing of the different topics we will be covering. We will notify you the date and time of each seminar giving you a two week notice. Please sign up as early as you can, these seminars fill up quickly.

The New Rules for Retirement Saving – You are saving by outdated rules!

For any saver who is ever wondered, “Am I doing this right?”, we will give you the guidance and confidence to answer “Yes.”

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The No-Compromise Retirement Plan

– For any saver tired of making concessions when it comes to retirement plans, we can give you the knowledge and confidence to live a No-Compromise Retirement.

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How Does a 401k Work?

– Throughout the years of helping employees we have found that they really do not understand how a 401k works or how to use one for their retirement.

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How Tax Planning Changes Through Four Stages of Retirement

People often pay more in taxes than expected because a confusing system treats various income types differently and contains hidden taxes and penalties.

SOLUTION: Because your tax exposure will change throughout retirement, you need a tax strategy that:

  • Anticipates how and when you tap assets to cover your personal expenses.
  • Understands the range of taxes you will face at various stages.
  • Manages your actions so you pay as a low a tax rate as possible.

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The New Holistic Retirement

When it comes to your retirement savings, we believe it is critical we take a long-range approach. After all, retirement is a long game. We all hope for a long and happy retirement, and that means the decisions we make have to support success for many years.

However, as we meet with savers like you, we often find their retirement approaches are not optimized for long-term success in all the areas they should be. This means many savers may have an incomplete approach for the future.

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