VersaChoice owners received an average 9% interest credit on MARC 5% ER in 2019

North American Company’s (NAC) VersaChoiceSM 10 fixed index annuity and its S&P Multi-Asset Risk Control 5% Excess Return (MARC 5% ER) Annual Point-to-Point with Index margin could be a winning combination. Owners using this index and strategy received an average interest credit of 9% last year [16.2% was the highest interest credit. Minimum (and guaranteed) interest credit was 0%.]

Many clients list growing their assets as a top priority. That’s why NAC is offering the exclusive Fidelity Multifactor Yield Index 5% ERSM1 on their top selling NAC VersaChoiceSM fixed index annuity.

With strong rates and a dynamic design, this exclusive index can help provide more consistent returns over time – in various market conditions.

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