You are saving by outdated rules!

For any saver who’s ever wondered “Am I doing this right?”, we will give you the guidance and confidence to answer “Yes.”

Too many savers are operating under an old set of rules – rules that were created and tested decades ago for market conditions that no longer exist today. And while most of us would never call someone on a rotary phone, or drive a car without airbags, we still save with outdated strategies. The New Rules of Retirement Saving is your guide to the risks you face as a saver today . . . and the new rules you can use to overcome them. Now that you’re getting closer to that retirement date and have saved the outdated way, is it too late? No!

Let me ask you a question, Do you think taxes will be higher, lower or the same when you retire?

Most people answer, higher – and most people save in a 401k, 403b, 457, TSP or traditional IRA and are trading a tax savings now, for higher taxes in the future! Does this make any sense? Would you rather pay $1000 now or $5000 in the future? The choice is yours – make the correct decision.